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12nd Anniversary Allie Gabrielle
  Code : B-199
  Price : USD 299.99
Description :
CWC has designed CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe "Allie Gabrielle".
She has had a long and luxurious career.
People all over the world recognize her talent.

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Her chic long dress is topped with a regal jacket with gold piping that shines under the stage lights.
Her big sunglasses and emerald green earrings will make a strong fashion statement!
Her accent colors are black, gold and emerald green.
Her green earring dangle with elegance. Her black sunglasses are emblazoned with a gold "B".
She wears little booties to go with her gown.
They give off a cool elegance with their dual tone sole.

The anniversary doll has been made with special make-up specifications.
She has special, fair matte skin in the new Radiance + mould.
Her eyelids and eyelashes are a special brown color.
She has brown eyeshadow, orange blush and rose pink lips.

This unique girl has all special eye chips.
The colors are: blue, emerald blue, pink and light purple.
The light pink color has lovely hologram paper behind to create a sparkling effect.
She has long, straight hair with bangs in a new pink tinted blonde color!

Her pull ring charm is a little gold star.
She has a special gold and black stand that fits around her thighs under her skirt to keep the slim line of her dress
[Face Type] Radiance+
[Skin Type] Fair (Natural Skin)
[Make Up] Eye Shadow: dark brown, Lip: rose pink, Cheek: orange
[Eye Color] Emerald green (front), dark blue (right), light purple (front), and light pink (left, with hologram backing)
Eyelid: brown (colored molding)
Eyelash: Special light brown color
[Hair Color] Pink tinted blonde hair
[Set Contents] Doll, gown, jacket, sunglasses, shoes, underpants, and stand.

Release Date: September 13, 2013
Limited to 2013 dolls made in all

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