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2018 Blythe Wall Calendar “Lasting Hour''
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Description :
2018 Blythe Wall Calendar “Lasting Hour"


For every month, every event and holiday, every important memory you make in 2018, Blythe will be there with you!

For each month, a new and unique Blythe will be featured, from the quiet and reserved, the fantastical, mischievous, princess-like, and even a relaxed beach resort Blythe. Both Neo and Middie will be featured!
The cover is Garden of Joy, this years anniversary doll.
Find the calendar by looking for the cover with a beautiful garden on it!
Chronicle your every day, and keep up with your schedule with Blythe!

Choose the wall hanging version or the desktop version by your convenience.
The desktop versions can be reused as post cards after the month has passed.2018 Blythe Wall Calendar “Lasting Hour"

Size: H26cm x W25.5cm (When open: H52cm x W25.5cm)
28 Pages
Made in Japan

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