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Blythe Leather Wallets Inside Alice
  Code : BA-085
  Price : USD 148.00
Description :
Blythe Leather Wallets Inside Alice


If you’re going to use something everyday, better it be fun to look at and made with great materials!
These detail oriented wallets have a very long life span thanks to the real leather that it uses.
For Spring 2017, we will have wallets, folded wallets, coin purses, pass cases, and three link key cases.
The fashionable and elegant Allegra Champagne and the Wonderland favorite Inside Alice will be featured on these wallets.
The surface design is printed straight onto the leather with vibrant colors, and the interior is lined with colored shantung.

This zip-around type wallet is the most popular item in the line up.
The inner pockets include a zipper pocket, large and small pockets, and a card pocket.
There are also outside pockets for easy use.
Depending on the design, the zippers will be a different color; gold for Allegra Champagne and silver for Inside Alice, with a leather strap for easy pulling.

Blythe Leather Wallet

Two types; Allegra Champagne, Inside Alice
Size; W20.2×H10.5×D2.5cm (Zip-Around type)
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan

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