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Blythe Leather Wallets Dark Rabbit Hole
  Code : BA-086
  Price : USD 148.00
Description :
Blythe Leather Wallets Dark Rabbit Hole


Blythe’s gorgeous leather goods are made with the design, material and quality you expect from fine leather goods.
The bright colors and photo images of Blythe make a pop and fun accessory.

The cow leather is durable and gives a sense of luxury for long use.
There are five new items being released: long wallet, double fold wallet, coin case, pass case, and triple key case.
The design “Ribbon & Hat” feature lovely Blythe while “Dark Rabbit Hole” is a cool Alice world.

This zip-around type wallet is the most popular item in the line up.
The inner pockets include a zipper pocket, large and small pockets, and a card pocket.
There are also outside pockets for easy use.
Depending on the design, the zippers will be a different color; gold for Dark Rabbit Hole and silver for Ribbon & Hat, with a leather strap for easy pulling.

Blythe Leather Wallet
Two types; Ribbon & Hat, Dark Rabbit Hole
Size; W20.2×H10.5×D2.5cm (Zip-Around type)
Material; Cow leather
Made in China, Printed in Japan

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