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Phoebe Maybe
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Description :
Hasbro Neo Blythe doll Phoebe Maybe

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Neo Blythe Phoebe Maybe Illustration Proof!

I'm Phoebe, I'm a time traveler. I just arrived in the year 1960 to stop my friend from making the biggest mistake of her life! But wait a minute, Phoebe, maybe you are not supposed to change the future. Be careful!
Phoebe Maybe travels through time. She wears a dress with colorful flowers printed around her torso.
Between each pleat, there is a pink stripe. Under the dress, she wears a mustard-colored shirt.
She also has green kjnee-high socks and shoes with four straps. When she travels through time,
she always carries her big pink suitcase. She has long light-brown hair with soft curls. Her hair is parted on the side and she keeps it neat with a pink hair band. Her make-up consists of light green eye shadow with salmon pink cheeks and lipstick. She has a special olive-green eye color when she looks left.
Phoebe’s face is the radiance type with translucent skin.

[Face Type]Radiance
[Skin Type]translucent Skin
[Make-up]Eye Shadow: light green, Lip:salmon pink,Cheek:salmon pink
[Eye Color]Blue (right),pink (front),*special color, light brown (front),*special color, Olive-green (left)
[Hair Color]Light Brown
[The set includes]Doll, dress, blouse, socks, shoes,hair band, suitcase,shorts, stand

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