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Border Spirit
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Description :
Neo Blythe doll Border Spirit


My name is Tippy Border and I'm a tap dancer.
I'm getting called next for this important dance competition.
I'm going to tip my hat and dance my heart out with my spirit and joy!
Tippy wears a very fashionable striped stage outfit for her audition!
It consists of a sleeveless blouse and a red striped skirt.
The skirt has a button on the waist and back, with a cute dark-blue striped ribbon attached.
Her red Can Can hat is her favorite, the ribbon on her hat is also striped, just like the ribbon on her skirt.
She is wearing striped socks and Mary Jane shoes!

Her long hair is blond with bangs, her eye shadow is brown, her cheeks and lips are pink.
Her eyes are light-blue, light-green, light-purple, and smoky-brown, all of them are special colors!
Her face type is Radiance and her skin type is Natural Skin.

Release Date: 2011 September

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