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Meowsy Wowsy
  Code : B-178
  Price : USD 399.00
Description :
Neo Blythe doll Meowsy Wowsy


Meowsy Wowsy is a fluffy playful kitten.
She enjoys playing hide and seek with her friends Rabbit and Squirrel!
Keep her close to you and she will keep you warm and happy!
She wears a furry, ivory-colored kigurumi with a long kitten tail.
The hat part of the kigurumi is separate from the body. It covers
Meowsy Wowsy’s head completely. A big pink ribbon with blue cotton
lace with a hook fastens under her chin to secure it. The inside of
the kigurumi ears are pink with white stripes.
The apron is pink and light blue with pleated skirt.
A blue cotton laces is decorated around the hem and shoulder.
A magenta pink ribbon cinches her waist.
Meowsy Wowsy has shoulder-length, red hair with bangs
She has light brown eye-shadow, orange blush and salmon pink lipstick.
The eye colors are orange(right), blue(front), and the special colors:
emerald green(left), and light green(front). The face is Radiance and
the skin type is white.
Face type: Radiance
Skin type: White
Make up: Eye shadow: Light Brown, Lip: Salmon Pink, Cheek: Orange
Eye color: Orange (right), Blue (front), Emerald gree (left), Light
Green (front)
Hair color: Red
Earring: no
Manicure: no
Set details: doll, kigurumi body, kigurumi head, apron, shirts, and stand.

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