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Rachel's Ribbon
  Code : B-179
  Price : USD 498.00
Description :
Neo Blythe doll Rachel's Ribbon


Rachel loves to give gifts to her friends.
From small things to big things, she carefully wraps them in cute wrapping paper and a big ribbon before presenting them. When her friends get their gift, they instantly know that its from Rachel!
Rachel wears her one-piece with a ribbon print design and a mod-style coat with a hood.
The monotone ribbons on top of the brilliant blue really matches well this one-piece well. Within these ribbons a rabbit hides, and on this rabbit's ear, another ribbon is sewn.
The notion of play is important as well. Her body area is in a cut-and-sewn style and her raglan sleeves made from a translucent fabric.
Her coat is a mod-styled short coat, a bright khaki colored zip-up style.
To enhance her girly look, laces are placed in the pockets and the opening of the sleeve. Fur has been added to the hood of the coat for another detail. Rachel also wears pink knee-high socks and black and brown long boots.
Her long hair is a new style, and is parted on the side with thick bangs and gives her the nuance of adult atmosphere. Her hair color is cinnamon brown with hints of pink on top, this is the very first time this has been done for a Neo Blythe!
Her eyeshadow is green, her cheeks and lips are pink, which looks great on her fair skin. Her eyes uses the default colors of pink and blue with two special colors, olive green and light brown.

Her face type is Radiance and her skin type is fair.
Her stand is pink.
Face type: Radiance
Skin Type: Fair
Make Up: Eyes Shadow: Green, Lips:pink, Cheek: pink
Eye Color: Pink (right), Blue(front), Olive Green (left/special color) light brown(front/special color)
Hair Color: Cinnamon Brown
Earring: yes (yellow ribbon)
Set Details: doll, one piece, cat, earring, socks, boots, shorts, stand

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