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BLYTHE > Neo Blythe doll(90)
Alexis Emerald
  Code : B-181
  Price : USD 338.00
Description :
CWC Top Shop Exclusive blythe doll "Alexis Emerald"


Alexis is bringing her fiancé to meet her parents to receive a blessing from their family.
She’s a little nervous but reminds herself to keep smiling.
For this special day Alexis chose a muted colors and elegant fashion.
She wears a wine-colored, drop waist dress with frills at the neck and waist, black fishnet stockings and pumps.
Face type: Radiance
Face color: fair (natural color)
Lip and Cheek: bright pink
Eye shadow: light gray
Hair style: center-parted long hair with a loose perm
Hair color: bluish green
Eye color: light purple, gray, light green, light brown (all specialcolors!)
Base of stand is a bluish-green with a gold post
* Final product may differ from this design image.
Release date: 18 May 2012

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