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Juno Estella
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Description :
CWC Exclusive 21st Anniversary Neo Blythe “Juno Estella”

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Venus, goddess of the heavens, twinkles in the pink morning sky.
At night the stars in the universe gather together to remind us of the infinite possibilities of tomorrow.
It's time to make a wish for all of us, upon the stars.

Venus at Dawn Style Pink Dress
The combination of pink tulle and gold fabric is beautiful in this long dress.
The gold braid on the top, ribbons on both shoulders, and pink cut beads scattered on the tulle skirt express tenderness.
Pearl and star motifs are used for the chain belt that accentuates the dress.
The head accessory is a crown with gold-colored flowers and leaves that looks beautiful against the ink-blue hair.

Evening Star Style Blue Dress
This fantastic long dress is made of blue chiffon fabric with gold silk print all over.
The asymmetrical draping and folded ribbon-like decorations hanging from the waist give the dress an elegant design.
The shoulders of the long cape are adorned with gold curly roses.
Head accessories coordinate with the new tiara, which is designed with a scattering of stars★.

For accessories, we selected items with gold as the key color that would go with both fashions!
Necklace and earrings designed with pearl and star motifs, tulle petticoat, and
net tulle high socks with gold picot lace trimmed at the opening, and gold pumps.

The face type is Radiance Evolution and the face color is translucent cream.
Hair color is Ink Blue, a new color, and hairstyle is long hair with a center parted perm.
Makeup is done in an elegant image.
The eyeshadow is light brown, the lips are a clear reddish burgundy with gloss, and the blush is pink.
The eyelids are light brown (molded color), the same color as the eye shadow, and the eyelashes are special black.
All eye colors are set in special colors! Blue-green (front), light brown (right), blue (front), purplish pink (left).
Nails are pink.

Eye change charms are star motifs.
The support and base of the stand are clear and gold, and the prop is gold-colored.

Face Type: Radiance Evolution 
Face Color: Translucent cream.
Makeup: Eye shadow: light brown, Lip: wine red (clear type plumping mask), Blush: pink
Eye Color: blue green (front), light brown (right), blue (front), pink (left) *All special colors
Eyelid: Light brown (molded color)
Eyelashes: Special spec black (long eyelashes)
Hair color: Ink blue *New color
Earrings: Pearl and star motif
Manicure: Pink
Set includes: Doll, dress (pink and blue), cape, leaf crown, star-shaped tiara, necklace, earrings, chain belt, and a star-shaped tiara,
shorts, socks, shoes, short stand (approx. 13 cm high)

Release date: 30 September 2022.

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