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Brenda’s Extraordinary Day
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Description :
Neo Blythe “Brenda’s Extra Ordinary Day” final specification announcement.

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How about turning an ordinary day into something special with fashion and a few ideas?
Even when shopping for daily necessities, if you dress up in a formal image and go out
I feel like the ingredients I always buy are exceptionally delicious.
Enjoy a special dinner with those ingredients.

The dress code for today's "Brenda's Extra Ordinary Day" is formal style.
The outfit consists of a beautiful red satin underdress and a black sheer organza x satin ribbon overdress.
The overdress is accented with pearls and a red belt.
A red petticoat was worn under the dress, giving the skirt plenty of volume.

Select fashion accessories with a high formal feel★
A hat with a comb that features a large brim, large pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, white long gloves, a round enamel-like vanity bag, gold lame tights, and black high heels.

Her face type is Radiance Evolution and her face color is fair.
It is a long style with a perm with the bangs parted from the right, and the hair color is light brown.

Her eye shadow is light green, and her cheeks and lips are pink, giving her a noble look!
The eye color is set to light brown on one of the fronts.

[Face type] Radiance Evolution
[Face Color] Fair
[Makeup] Eye shadow: light green, lips: pink, cheeks: pink
[Eye color] Light brown (front *special color), blue (right), orange (front), green (left)
[Eyelids] Default
[Eyelashes] Default
[Hair color] Light brown
[Pierce] Yes (Pearl)
[Manicure] Red
[Set contents] Doll, hat, earrings, necklace, overdress, underdress, gloves, bag, petticoat, shorts, tights, shoes, stand

Release date: June 30, 2023 (Friday)

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