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UR4 Me
  Code : B-302
  Price : USD 198.00
Description :
Here are the final specifications of TOP SHOP limited Neo Blythe “UR4 Me”★

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“Which outfit should I wear to my date tonight?
A spring-like floral dress? Should I coordinate it with a blouse and skirt? I'm sure my boyfriend will say that they both look good together.
I want to enjoy my half-year anniversary ♡

``UR4 Me’’ wears casually stylish fashion.
Something feminine? How about a soft chiffon flower print dress♪
For the base color, chose saxophone blue, which is cute but not too sweet.

When you want to create a casual look, wear your favorite black blouse with sheer, fluffy sleeves.
Coordinated with an asymmetrical frilled gathered pink miniskirt.

The ribbon hair ties, heart stud earrings, high socks and 4-strap shoes selection of accessories are also perfect and are easy to match and coordinate for a wide range of occasions.

Her face type is Radiance Evolution and her face color is cream.
Her white hair with a slight yellow tinge is the proud charm point of “UR4 Me”! This color goes well with hair stylings both up and down.
The eyeshadow and eyelids (molded color) are brown★
The eyelashes are also a special brown.
Her cheeks are a salmon pink, and her lips are a plump beige-pink.
Eye colors are pink (front), light gray (right special color), light blue (front special color), green (left)

[Face type] Radiance Evolution
[Face Color] Cream [Makeup] Eyeshadow: Light brown, Lips: Plump beige pink, Cheeks: Salmon pink
[Eye color] Pink (front), light gray (right) Special color), light blue (front special color), green (left)
[Eyelids] Brown (molded color)
[Eyelashes] Special color brown [Hair color] Yellowish white
[Earrings] Available [Nail polish] Red
[Set contents] Doll, dress, blouse, skirt, ribbon hair tie, smartphone shoulder, socks, earrings, shoes, shorts, stand

*This product is for ages 15 and older.
*Specifications may differ from the product.

Release date: Friday, April 26, 2024
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