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Juliet’s Choice
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  Price : USD 275.00
Description :
The final specifications for the CWC Limited 23rd Anniversary Neo Blythe “Juliet’s Choice” have been announced.

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Young Juliet made a choice to fall in love deeply and unconditionally.
At a time when darkness clouded minds, these lovers found light.
But the tragic story from antiquity can not be changed and a sad and fateful end befalls the two.
If only time stood still, even for a moment, then the stars might have aligned in perfection.

The 23rd anniversary doll is the lovely Juliet Blythe, the protagonist in a timeless story of true love and tragedy.
The fashion set includes two styles of outfits.
Blue and gold patterned, long semi-formal dress with a medieval-style silhouette.
The shoulders are puffed and the back of the sleeves are decorated with braids and ribbons!

She wears gold with pearls accessories.
Her head dress is a mesh crown studded with small pearls.
The earrings feature rhinestones with drop pearls.
The necklace is a gold cross.
Eye change pendant is a gold cross.
The shoes are gold strap shoes with a flower motif on the straps.

The nightwear is a long white dress with gold accents.
The sleeves are long and fluffy, using a sheer fabric.
The hair accessory is a headband★ Made from the same fabric as the nightdress's chest area, with rhinestones added.

Her face type: Radiance Evolution
Face color: Snow.
Hair is pinkish brown, long and curly, parted in the center.
Makeup: light brown x pink beige gradation eyeshadow, pink blush applied slightly above the cheeks, and plump mask pink lips.
Eyelids are the same shade of pink beige (molded color) as her eyeshadow, and her eyelashes are a special brown that are long towards the outer corners of her eyes.
Eye colors: All special! Light gray (front), light blue (right), light pink (front), and cobalt blue (left).

As you'd expect from an anniversary doll, it comes with plenty of special features.

[Face type] Radiance Evolution
[Face color] Snow
[Makeup] Eyeshadow: Light brown x pink beige, Lips: Pink (plump mask), Cheeks: Pink
[Eye color] Light gray (front), light blue (right), light pink (front), cobalt blue (left) *All special colors
[Eyelids] Pink beige (molded color)
[Eyelashes] Special brown
[Hair color] Pinkish brown
[Earrings] Yes (Drop pearl)
[Manicure] Pink
[Set contents] Doll, dress (2 dresses, blue and white), head dress, headband, earrings, necklace, petticoat, drawers, shoes, stand

Release date: Friday, June 28, 2024

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